Design Process

I am more than happy to accept commissions with a specific design in mind and can guide a client through the process to achieve their desired shape while preserving the aural integrity of the finished instrument. The client’s design can range from the colour scheme or wood choice of rosette/purfling etc, or inlays on the headstock and fingerboard which will have little impact on the integrity of the instrument to the design of the body shape which could then dictate changes to the materials and build method employed.

I prefer to work on paper to achieve the overall design but I also utilise CAD to provide a visualisation of the finished shape before lifting a tool. There will always be trade offs during the design process between what the client wishes, what is achievable with the chosen wood species’ and the overall effect on the anticipated spectral register of the finished instrument. When completed the plans can then be used to make templates and build fixtures if necessary before the build process begins. The following design, working title ‘Tenascious SC’, is currently in the build process and is my own steel strung double cut-away acoustic. The neck block has been discarded in this design for a ‘spanish’ slipper heel design and the instrument will be built face down on a custom solera fixture.